Thursday, January 04, 2007

Back to 1.e4..

First of all best wishes for the new year 2007 to you all.

Then a remark about the Bookbuilder site: unfortunately
the server is not working at the moment,
but the site is still available at:

Now some recent results:
having played some gambit lines in recent times with
my bookbuilder/rybka account on ICC, i now switched
back to the 1.e4 repertoire again. First of all, although
some gambit lines looked promising, in general the
results were not as good as i expected, eg. when
comparing with the nr 1 on FICS in standard,
Spike with a unorthodox/gambit book.
Secondly, having done some more analysis
on the Zaitsev line as described in my previous
message, i found out that with d4 (instead of
d3) in longer term still advantage with white
could be obtained, so my old 'philosophy' of
trying to obtain an advantage in all cases
for white with e4 seems possible again.

Ofcourse it still is a hypothesis, occasionally
some defence is encountered which leads
to drawish lines, but then i usually do
some more analysis and try to improve
the book. As a result the standard rating
on ICC is going up again. The Arena interface
is costing me some rating points when bugs
occur, but the opening book is getting better.

For black i'm certainly not ready yet, against
e4 , most often ..e5 is chosen, but against d4
it's not clear to me which defence is the 'best'.
Nimzo-Indian is ok when Nc3 is played,
but in other cases QGD or Slav may
be preferred above the Queens Indian which
i formally recommended.

In a few more weeks i expect to know more..

Bookbuilder program/download link

Apparently at the site the download link for my chess opening program Bookbuilder disappeared Here it is: Bookbuilder demo ...