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A little test

Above test games were played with time control 40 moves in 40 minutes, on Quad HP9300 with 3 cores, no pondering. Note that Houdini.2 was a modified version, whereby I had improved some values with the Houdini-config tool. And with the Houdini-2 engine, I used my ChessPartner (CP) userbook (about 16Mb), whereby with the new Houdini-3 engine, I used the 'Perfect2012' book by Sedat Canbaz version for ChessPartner(CP). Although these 'perfect' books by Canbaz already are quite good, with previous tests with more games, I concluded my book is about 50 points better. Nb the worst books, like the default CP book is worse, at least 50 rating points worse than 'perfect'.
So whats' the fuzz about new engine releases ? 50 points rating improvement isnt that much, it can also be achieved with better books, hardware and so on. But yes you can use all together as well obviously if you're really fanatic.. And better engines -like Houdini3-certainly help me to …

Houdini hype, new theory ?

Recently a new update of the top-engine Houdini-3 was released, and i have analyzed the endnodes of my medium-sized Bookbuilder book with this engine. Subsequently backsolved, and the new book can be downloaded as part of the trial-package for Bookbuilder at
See link to download, and then -on new page- download 'demo'-version which is fully functioning program for a period of 14 days. Whereby I updated many booklines, i don't claim this is the ultimate theory now, but for intermediate players it gives a good repertoire. For the rest did quite some work on the E-book Chess opening theory, renewed, an innovative approach, for all levels!
Playing with 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 against the Queens-Indian with 3.Nf3 b6 (3...d5 4.Nc3 also is good for White) 4.g3! (main line) leads to strong play for White, with my recent analysis; but Black will be able to equalize, if he/she knows precisely what to do. Which will be described in detail in our E-book about opening …