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Further explanation of my book(s)

Because of some comments by readers some further
explanation of the underlying thoughts in my book
about chess openings seems worthwile:

First of all, it should be noted that there are several
parts in the book, one especially for beginners in
opening theory (yet knowledgeable about the chess
rules and basic play), one for intermediate players,
and as two extra chapters, one with gambits for White,
and the last one a positional repertoire with 1.d4.

In all chapters the concept of a repertoire has been
applied to reduce the number of variations to learn.
Thereby in the first repertoire, for the beginners,
the primary aim was simplicity, starting with 1.e4
for White, and playing 1...e5 with Black.
Note that the latter, Black repertoire also can be
useful for intermediate players.

In the next chapter, the repertoire for White with 1.e4
has been assembled in such a way that White intends
to play the strongest move, no matter what Black's
response is. These strong moves for White were…

Revised version

having discovered still some little mistakes in the chess notation
in the beginner's chapter, we revised the previous editions:

now on Kindle:

Learning the Chess Openings, Kindle version

Ofcourse the paperback version also has been update,
and the price reduced (!):

Better Chess openings (paperpack)

NB this basically is the same book as the Kindle book above, but
in addition a table with openings for beginners and intermediate
players (Black and White) has been added at the end.

It also is for sale on
Lulu version (paperback)