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New book about openings

Just released my first  E-book, and of-course it's about chess,in particular opening theory, especially geared at beginner level          but also above, at average chess club level, until IM or so.

Better Chess Openings E-book  (.pdf)

For beginning - intermediate chess players, or those who want to learn it, and then  it's dealing only with the specialty called opening theory.  No e-pub version (yet).
         (The only book at this level, as far as i know, with selected B & W variations for beginners via the 'repertoire' method ; also a rare book with diagrams with Black at the bottom, when it is Blacks move to play(*); thereby a high amount of - colored- diagrams to be an ideal learning tool.)
NB planning to release a printed book (paper)  version before the end of the year (2014), possibly via Ingram Spark, but if there is any (Chess-)publisher having interest, then they can contact me. Probably both a color version (expensive) and a B&W version (cheap) are f…