Thursday, April 28, 2005

the best chess repertoire

Although controversial (all normal chess opening variants are
considered to be equallystrong), with the program Bookbuilder
i found a 'best' repertoire: with white 1.e4!
No i'm not going to give all the subvariants, but some
important decisions have to be made also in later
moves to keep the white opening advantage; yes,
especially against the Sicilian; urgh, quite complicated indeed.

So can white also win against the Ruy Lopez Berlin defence ?
Well i don't know, probably yes, with proper play.
Computers are not so good in endgame strategy, some
books by eg. Shereshevsky demonstrate his obviously.

Against d4 Nf6 and if 2.c4 e6, and then:

Nimzo-Queens Indian hybrid system (after Nf3 b6! and after Nc3 Bb4!),
yes there are lots of variants in this complex.
No fancy Benoni, Benko, Kings Indian, though.

Against other white moves: ah well, not so important,
currently there's c5 against the English (symmetrical variant),
..d5 agains Reti, etc. (often transposing to the d4 variants).

Resultant improvement in playing strength:
well i don't know, i estimate its only about 50 points or so.
Comps are not afraid of gambits and unorthodox openings,
so such a repertoire would cost about 50 points on average.
But for humans, up to master level, with proper knowledge
an preparation, it could be an advantage. But then tactics
and middlegame planning are more important of course..

Back to FICS now again..
c.u. later.. :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

internet chess servers

ever wondered how computers can get 3600 blitz rating on ICC ?
well we all know of course, they don't play other computers,
have !computer in their formula, and play only humans.

And then the ratings on ICC are calculated differently
than those on FICS; the latter is using RD, which
leads to much more conservative values. And
also more realistic values for these stupid chips..

Any other experiences with comps; on or so ? just wondering..

well letz start

well lets start with this blog; blogging seems to be very cool,
so instead of making some elaborate project plan, its
just a matter of hitting the keyboard, en letz see..

now it would be cool to make a blog over computer chess
of course, spending so much time on it by making an
opening book for my bookbuilder account on the
internet chessclub (, but i guess
i first need to see how this thing works in order
to organize the various thoughts, blabla, etc.

in any case i want to keep the whole thing on topic,
that is, about computer chess; a wide field anyway,
that's for sure, and probably keeping me busy for
a while with this stuff. a nice distraction from
the engines, the servers, the bishops and knights,
the pgn, EPD's, and all the other stuff. Aargh
indeed, when the hash tables are overloaded
again, Arena is crashing with some access violation,
and my so carefully built-up (Comp)rating is going
down again; that's life i guess, sometimes i even
wonder why people takes these chips so seriously..

Bookbuilder program/download link

Apparently at the site the download link for my chess opening program Bookbuilder disappeared Here it is: Bookbuilder demo ...