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Some (but slow) progress..

Well, my windoze64 expired, so i did an upgrade with a Vista OEM;
for the rest, updated my positional database again, with lots
of games analyzed (endnode values) with Rybka, now
more than 15 million positions. Full minimax again, and started some
finetuning/checks of the 'best' lines; then had to struggle quite a bit
with the Najdorf variation of the Sicilian.

First it appears that the variation with Bg5 was the best for white,
and i had to look a bit further to the complex poisoned pawn
variation. But in the end i went back to a more common variation,
namely with Be3, the English attack. With a plan of long castling
(after Qd2), it looks promising for white, but i have to play
much more games before i have a conclusive result.

Any other results ? Well not many, i'm starting to update my
main lines of the closed Ruy Lopez (in which i still managed
to keep a slight advantage , ie += for white), and then
have to plug them into my Arena book. Have played
some comp tournaments with the new…