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improvements with Rybka analysis

Recent months i've checked the opening variations in my
E-book (better chess opening play) with the top engine
Rybka, now version 2.1-o UCI.
Initially it appeared to become more difficult to obtain
a structural advantage for white as result of the
less optimistich Rybka analysis, eg. when compared
with Shredder. But while continuing the analysis
new variations were found !

This new analysis is not completed yet, i'm working
on an update of the book, and testing new variations
on ICC (latest standard rating record 2851
on August this year).

Some new findings:
- against the Caro Kann the advance variation again now is preferred
again, instead of the 'English' variations with c4.
- for the Sicilian it is difficult, if not impossible
to find the 'best' defence variation for black; it appears
that different strategies are possible; currently i'm still
experimenting, eg. with Pelikan, Taimanov, and Najdorf
- also after .. e5, when white plays Bb5, the Ruy Lopez,
many different d…