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advanced repertoire with 1.d4

having done some more research with Rybka4, which in many cases
gives a better evaluation of some positions than eg. Rybka3,
another repertoire, which i use in my computerbook is emerging,
namely with 1.d4 .
Against e4, having done considerable analysis on many lines
and playing some testgames both on ICC and,
the Sicilian 1..c5!, in particular Najdorf, (with d6 and a6)
looks quite a strong defence, currently even the strongest.
In fact these developments are not surprising, as many top
players also have switched their repertoire from e4 to d4, eg
world champion Anand. Although its often said that this is because
of the Petrov or the Marshall gambit defence in the Ruy Lopez,
for me the reason is the Najdorf, which in fact is played quite
often on against e4. Highly accurate play is
required in this sharp, double-edged defence, so for average
players - and certainly beginners- i still advocate 1.e4
as most suitable repertoire.
By starting with 1.e4, you learn vari…